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Today is Bobby Bonilla Day
Thursday, 01 July 2021 08:24

The Mets pay former All-Star a $1.19 million annuity until he is 72.

Bobby BonillaJuly 1st is a notable day on the calendar for quite a few Major League Baseball retired players. It's the day many deferred salary payments are due. Former All-Star Bobby Bonilla, who last played in 2001, has become the posterchild of these July 1st annuities.

As part of a deferred salary arrangement, the New York Mets have paid Bonilla an $1,193,248.20 annuity every July 1 since 2011. These annuities continue until 2035. Bonilla, who is now 58, will be 72 when the last annuity payment is made.

The Mets signed Bonilla to a five-year contract worth $29 million in 1991 that was the richest contract in team sports at the time. He spent the first three-and-a-half seasons of that contract with New York before being traded away. Bonilla won a World Series with the Marlins in 1997 and was later traded back to the Mets as part of Florida's post-championship fire sale.

Bonilla's deferred salary with the Mets is currently the largest July 1 annuity payment in baseball, but it is not the only July 1 annuity payment. In fact, Bonilla himself has a second deferred salary agreement with the Orioles. Baltimore owes him a $500,000 annuity payment from 2004 until 2028. Today is a good day in the Bonilla checkbook with two large annuities arriving.

Here are a few other notable deferred salary annuities:

  • The Braves have paid Hall of Fame closer Bruce Sutter a $1.2 million annuity since 1991. This year is the final year of Sutter's annuity plan. The team also owes him a $9.1 million lump sum payment next year.
  • The Reds have paid Ken Griffey Jr. a $3.6 million annuity since 2009 and his last annuity payment comes this year.
  • The Red Sox have paid Manny Ramirez a $2 million annuity since 2011 and will continue these annuities until 2026.
  • The White Sox have paid Paul Konerko a $1 million annuity since 2014 and his last annuity payment comes this year.
  • The Mets have paid Bret Saberhagen a $250,000 annuity since 2004 and will continue to do so through 2028.

The Nationals have some of their largest contracts set up as annuities. For example, they're paying Rafael Soriano a $2 million annuity until 2024, Max Scherzer is owed a $15 million annuity from 2022 until 2028, and Stephen Strasburg has a $114 million in annuities due to him through 2029.

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