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Saturday, 14 March 2020 15:16

Do you need health insurance? There are alternatives to the expensive policies that comply with the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).

For example:

  • Limited Benefit Medical Insurance -- If you need coverage for a year or more, or need to supplement the high-deductible plan offered by your employer. For example, if you have a $8,150 individual deductible or $16,300 family deductible Obamacare Bronze Plan and want some first-dollar coverage to bridge those massive gaps, then a Limited Benefit Plan can help. Plans start at less than $56 per month (age 18-29).
  • Short Term Limited Benefit Medical Insurance -- If you need temporary coverage while you are in-between jobs, or are waiting to become eligible for coverage through an employer-paid plan. Starts as low as $64 for one month of coverage (age 18-29).
  • Accident Insurance -- Very affordable coverage that pays you a cash benefit if you suffer a an injury like fractures, burns, dislocations, and more. Plans start at $18 per month (age 55-69).
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance -- This coverage pays you cash benefits directly that you can use in any way you see fit when you're hospitalized. Basic plans start at less than $15 per month (age 18-39).
  • Cancer Insurance -- Pays you cash for diagnosis, treatment, hospital stays, chemotherapy, radiation, reconstructive surgery. Plans start at less than $13 per month (age 18-39).
  • Heart Attack / Stroke Insurance -- Pays a lump sum of cash when the insured has a heart attack or stroke. Plans start at less than $5 per month (age 18-34).
  • Critical Illness Insurance -- Pays a lump sum upon first diagnosis for cancer, heart attack, stroke, renal failure, and other specified diseases. Plans start at less than $3 per month (age 18-24).
  • Telemedicine -- These plans give you 24 hour per day direct access to a physician via your telephone, cell phone, smartphone, or telephony app. Some of these plans are included as a rider on other insurance or can be purchased separately for less than $20 per month, or just pay-per-use for a flat fee.
  • Pharmacy Discount Plans -- It always pays to shop around, and a discount plan can help you get the lowest cash price in your market. These plans start at the rock bottom price of FREE, but there are some that have a very modest fee.

Most of these plans can be purchased via telephone or through email so you don't need to visit with an agent in person, but an agent can help you make sure you get the right plan for your situation.

If you want a quote on any of the above, call (800) 680-5596, or fill out the form below: