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Public Speaking Topics
Thursday, 03 October 2013 16:37

If you have an organization that meets regularly, and need a speaker on one of the following topics, please call (800) 680-5596 to schedule Brent to speak at your next event:

  • Texas Partnership for Long Term Care
  • Kansas Partnership for Long Term Care
  • When the Legacy is Land - Estate Planning for the Family Farm and Ranch
  • Five Ways Out of Business - Exit Planning for the Closely Held Business
  • Pennies in the Bucket - How anyone can create a tax-free legacy just like the members of the Forbes 400 
  • Building a Moat Around Your Castle - Asset protection strategies for all Americans
  • Don't Mess With Texas - Asset protection strategies for Texas residents
  • Turbocharge Your Retirement - NEW strategies to maximize retirement income while eliminating income taxes