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Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life
Tuesday, 04 August 2020 11:32

Last night I listened to the Joe Rogan podcast with his guest James Nestor, who wrote a book:

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

He mentioned the term "Adenoid Facies" which I had to look up. Apparently, if you fail to breathe correctly through your nose when growing up, your face will noticeably change in shape, with all sorts of negative health consequences.

When looking this term up, I came across this guy: George Catlin.

George Catlin (July 26, 1796 – December 23, 1872) was an American lawyer, painter, author, and traveler, who specialized in portraits of Native Americans in the Old West. He also researched and documented Native American habits of nasal breathing.

This interest is linked to his non-fiction work, The Breath of Life (later retitled as Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life) in 1862. Download the FREE original here.

This book was based on his experiences traveling through the American West, where Catlin observed a consistent lifestyle habit among all of the Native American communities he encountered: a preference for nasal breathing over mouth breathing. He also observed that they had perfectly straight teeth.

Catlin repeatedly heard that this was because the Native Americans believed that mouth breathing made an individual weak and caused disease, while nasal breathing made the body strong and prevented disease. He also observed that Native American mothers repeatedly closed the mouth of their infants while they were sleeping, in order to instill nasal breathing as a habit. He wrote his book to document his observations, noting that "there is no person in society but who will find... improvement in health and enjoyment..." from keeping his or her mouth shut.

Coming full circle: There are studies being conducted right now that indicate that nasal breathing reduces the likelihood of Corona Virus infection, as well as many other infections. Also, those smoothies you're drinking are very bad for your health, as they weaken the jaw which leads to increased mouth breathing. Oops.