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Saturday, 25 January 2020 14:48

How can you improve employee retention, reduce employee training costs, and increase your profits? With employee benefits.

Worksite Benefits

  • If the cost of insurance has prevented you from providing coverage to your employees, we have voluntary, employee-paid products that can be the solution.
  • If you thought your group was too small to find coverage, we have group products that start with as few as two employees.

Why Worksite Benefits?

Voluntary benefits offer you, the employer, the opportunity to provide much-needed life insurance, health insurance, and retirement plans to your employees with little or no cost to your company.

What We Do for the Employer

The worksite benefits that we offer gives you the flexibility to choose plans that are right for your employees. Employee benefits can reduce your company's employee turnover, which also reduces employee training costs, and that adds profits to your bottom line. Furthermore, employee benefits helps you recruit better talent giving your company an edge over your competitors.

You can choose to offer:

  • group plans with selected coverage amounts while passing on no cost to the employee;
  • group plus supplementary plans which allow employees to purchase additional coverage;
  • voluntary plans which allow employees to purchase coverage with no cost to you, the employer.

Offering life and health insurance can increase employee job satisfaction which can lead to greater productivity.

What We Do for the Employee

With the cost of healthcare constantly on the rise, having some form of health insurance is a must-have. We help your employees design a plan that fits their budget, protecting them from financial losses, and giving them peace of mind.

Worksite benefits can offer employees the opportunity to have life and health insurance that might not be affordable to them otherwise.

Worksite benefits also offer employees the convenience of not having to research and hunt for their own insurance as well as the convenience of payroll deduction for life insurance, health insurance, retirement plans, and supplementary insurance plans.

Product Menu

  • Individual Life Insurance - Easy to apply, the convenience of payroll deduction, portable
  • Individual Disability Insurance - No benefit caps, integrates with group coverage, the convenience of payroll deduction, guaranteed issue available
  • Accident Insurance - Pays a cash benefit if you sustain a bodily injury like fractures, burns, dislocations and more
  • Cancer Insurance - Pays a cash benefit for diagnosis and treatment, including items not covered by major medical
  • Critical Illness Insurance - Pays a substantial lump sum cash benefit upon the first diagnosis
  • Limited Medical Insurance - Pays benefits for everyday medical expenses
  • Group Term Life Insurance - Purchasing life insurance through the workplace is easy and convenient
  • Group Disability Insurance - Replaces a portion of income if you become ill or injured and cannot work
  • Group Dental Insurance - Pays for routine dental exams, fillings,
  • Group Vision Insurance - Pays for routine eye exams, eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Legal Plans - Coverage for legal documents, IRS audits, lawyer letters, unlimited phone consultations, 24-hour coverage available
  • 401(k) Plans - Convenience of payroll deduction, tax-deductible contributions, tax credits for savers, tax credits to owners to start new plans
  • IRA and Roth IRA - Convenience of payroll deduction, portable

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